About this site

The Pixel Hogwarts was created two years ago as a Christmas gift for the visitors of the main site HarryPotterLa.com
Since I run the entire HPLA site (which is pretty huge and has other bunch of mini sites within the main site) I don't have a lot of time to update this site as I wish I had. I have to really be organized in order to keep everything up to date. The entire HPLA site is run by me, and even though I have a great staff most of the work like creating graphics, layouts and content is completely up to me. So you probably understand the load of work I have on this site alone that doesn't allow me to pay 110% atention on the Pixel Hogwarts.
Still, this site is updated fairly frecuently with a bunch of stuff.
The purpose of this site was to show my pixel art skills and works inspired on Harry Potter, of course. Although I have made other works unrelated to this that you can view on my
personal site
(click on Pixel House)

Hope you enjoy your stay and follow the rules! =)

About the author

Webmistress: Vale.
Gender: Female.
Age: 21.
E-mail: wolfspiri@harrypotterla.com
Location: Mexico City.
Occupation: I'm a photography student but I also have studies on gastronomy, french and music. My goal is to major in film studies, particularly screen writing and directing.
Updates, graphics, layouts, content and maintenance: Vale.

Frecuently asked questions

Have any doubts about this site? Read on.

- Who makes everything on the Pixel Hogwarts?
That would be me, Vale. Everything you see on this site was made by me: pixels, clocks, isometric pixels, layout, etc.

- What programs do you use for creating the pixels?
I use macromedia fireworks. But Adobe Photoshop and Jasc Paint Shop Pro work too. You can even start out pixelating with MS Paint (although you can make transparent backgrounds with it or animate your pixels it's a great place to start).

- How did you learn to make pixels?
Basically watching and learning. Taking the ocassional tutorial. And practicing a lot. That's it.

- Can I use your graphics for commercial uses?
Absolutely not. Not even I charge for people to use my work or sell anything with it. I'm certainly not letting anyone else sell it. I make this stuff for free.

- Can I make other graphics with your pixels? Say avatars or AIM icons?
Absolutely not. You cannot make anything with my graphics even if it is for personal use. I'm sorry.

- Can I decorate a layout with you pixels?
You can adopt pixels from here to an extent. You certainly cannot build an entire layout based on my work or decorate a Harry Potter fan site with my graphics. These are just to adopt, they are not webmasters resources. Learn to make your own stuff for layouts.

- Don't you think your rules are too restricting?
You bet your horcrux they are! Let me tell you a little something about this business - you can either be completely generous and lose control and rights over your work (even ownership) in exchange or make reasonable rules to protect your own work and keep it as your own.
From my own experience not protecting your work properly equals losing it. People will claim they made it, use them without linking you back, make other graphics and layout from it and just purely take advantage of your work and time.

- My site is not showing the adoptions, why?
You either didn't put the code on the body section, or you modified the code (which is a big no-no) or your blog doesn't allow HTML, for instance My Space, MSN Communities, Yahoo groups, etc. I recommend using sites that allow HTML, otherwise the service is very limited.

- What happens if I modify the code or don't link you back?
You will be banned for ever to use my graphics and you will win onw way ticket to the Cyber Azkaban, my wall of shame. Also, I will hunt you butt down until you clear up you didn't make these graphics. You really don't want this to happen.

- Are you ever going to make avatars and icons with your work?
Absolutely. This is one of the upcoming plans for this site. I still don't know when they'll be online. It's just a matter of having time to make them.

- Do you have any tutorials?
Not at the moment, but that's another plan I have for the site.

Your question is not here? E-mail me.
HARRY POTTER y todo lo relacionado es propiedad de J.K. Rowling y Warner Bros. Harrypotterla.com es un sitio no-oficial y no tiene ninguna relación con Warner Bros., J.K. Rowling, Emecé, Salamandra, Bloomsbury o Scholastic.
Se reconoce que no se tiene la propiedad de ningún personaje o nombre, aunque el arte aquí represantado es propiedad de HarryPotterLa.com
Prohibido "tomar prestado" y/o copiar contenido y diseño, así como material original.Todos los derechos reservados.
Sitio hecho en México.
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